Darin Meilleur isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel. He makes raw, emotional music that wears its heart on its sleeve because that’s what draws people in  to listen and experience it. Acoustic guitar-heavy and given its signature lushness by accordion, piano and organ, his palette of rock, country, folk, and blues take you back to the days of primordial sounds like The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac and The Band. His songs are written to tell you where he’s been, where he wants to go and to take you wherever you want.  

Darin was born and raised in Montreal, with family musical roots in the Maritimes. Most every member of his family played or sang. Darin began playing traditional East Coast kitchen parties in his youth, and would spend several weeks every summer on Cape Breton Island soaking up its musical traditions. This Maritime influence shines in both his music and persona. Early in his musical career he played in numerous blues, rock and Latin bands in Montreal before relocating to Toronto in the early 90s.  

He is well-known and respected in the Toronto indie scene from his work as a bassist and multi-instrumentalist with acts such as Big Name Actors, Shikha Sehgal and Melting Pot. He has performed at most major Toronto venues including The Horseshoe, Grossman's Tavern, The Rivoli, Molson Ampitheatre, and Harbourfront Centre.  

His latest single "Hold Me Close" was featured on CBC Radio One and a a variety of online radio. He’s back in the studio and will be releasing several singles throughout 2017 with a full album expected sometime next year.