Home Sweet Home

First there was the accordion played by a mysterious old man we called "Bamps", then the Elvis, Johnny Cash and Stompin' Tom records, and many years later the snare drum discovered in an uncle's basement.

It wasn't too long until there were drums and drum lessons, Heavy Metal bands, the discovery of Jazz (Kind of Blue) and more lessons. Then came the writing and recording, then the drums were gone and out came the bass, which led to three years in the Montreal prog-rock band Stone Flower (you can laugh at the name). After that came a brief (but amazing) stint in a Latin Fusion band that culminated with a gig at Harbor Front, playing while the sun was setting on Lake Ontario.

After ending up in Toronto permanently, there were a few blues and rock cover bands, and then the next decade was spent playing original music with Melting Pot. 

It's taken a while to get here, but this is now my home for the next iteration of who I am and what I do. I'm finally back to the writing and recording, which has taken a back seat for many years for no really good reason. 

Welcome to my new home