June Baby!

Finally, the warm weather is here and June is shaping up to be a stellar month! I'll be playing bass with the fine gentlemen in Big Name Actors every Thursday (except June 9) for our June residency at C'est What, a really great place to eat, drink and watch live music. I first played C'est What twenty five years ago in a Blues band I was playing with during my first year in Toronto and I always love going back. Our opening on June 2 will be a special night as Newark Minute open up the show. I love playing bass with these guys and it gets the #velvethammer back together again.
Shikha takes a break from her residency at Not My Dog for June, but we're back in July. I have a ton of fun playing acoustic guitar with Shikha, we always have a great time, there's always killer music being played and the wine tends to flow freely, so come on out.

On the album front, May took a hit for a variety of reasons, so getting things back on track is the plan for June. Luckily, the the creativity has still been flowing, I've got at least three new tunes ready to go and focusing on the immediate task can be difficult when you want to somehow record all these songs at once. This months word friends, is focus.