Wine, Friends & Music

This last weekend I had the chance to play a set at the Traynor Family Vineyard in Hillier, Ontario. Prince Edward County's wineries are growing by leaps and bounds and it was great fun to be a small part of this over the weekend. The set list we had prepared wasn't quite long enough so I had to pull out some covers I hadn't played in years which was a little frightening, but worked out wonderfully. The crowd was intimate and loved every minute of it.

Of course with all that driving over the weekend, I have a few new tune ideas and at least one is almost complete, title and all. I'l probably put together a quick demo over the next week or two just to make sure it's working. I know most artists hate releasing demo's, but I consider it a useful part of my process now.

I was also introduced to Periscope this weekend, I'll be looking into how to use this in the coming weeks - maybe a few intimate shows from Dee's living room? On the live front, nothing scheduled yet, but stay tuned as I'm trying to put something together in Montreal.

Big thanks to Shikha once again for having me out. Playing acoustic for her is always a fun night, and I always need to be careful of losing myself in her voice and forgetting where we are in the song....